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Sport a Symmetrical Smile with Orthodontics in Plano, TX

Do you struggle with crooked or misaligned teeth? Are you trying to find a dental practitioner who can help you straighten your teeth and perfect your life? An orthodontist is the right option for you!


Orthodontists are dental practitioners who specialize in Orthodontics. They work with patients to correct their dental abnormalities and make their teeth straighter and more symmetrical. Patients who struggle with crooked teeth and asymmetrical jaw problems can seek the help of professional orthodontists.


What sets orthodontists apart from dentists is that they specialize in teeth and jaw straightening treatments. Orthodontists have gained additional certification that makes them more qualified to tend to dental abnormalities. They can supervise facial growth, diagnose malocclusion, and develop treatment plans to set your teeth straight!


Orthodontists can help correct conditions related to teeth and jaw structures. They specialize in improving dental conditions such as,

  1. Misaligned teeth

  2. Asymmetrical teeth

  3. Open bite

  4. Front teeth protrusion

  5. Impacted teeth


Orthodontics utilizes several dental appliances to correct the orientation of misaligned teeth. Moreover, orthodontists are also qualified to perform teeth and jaw straightening surgeries. Orthodontists can use alignment systems like traditional metal wire braces, retainers, Invisalign treatments, lingual braces, and orthodontic elastics. Moreover, orthodontists can perform corrective surgeries to aid in teeth straightening and jaw alignment.


Asymmetrical jaws and misaligned teeth can result in dental wear and tear, promote bad breath, lead to jaw strains, TMJ disorder, and even cause excruciating headaches. Straightening your teeth won’t just enhance your dental aesthetics, but it will also prevent and treat any underlying oral problems.

Find Qualified Orthodontists in Plano, TX

Have your dentists referred you to an orthodontist? You’re in the right place! Chase Oaks Dentistry specializes in orthodontics in Plano, TX.


Over the past 13 years, our qualified orthodontists have worked with hundreds of patients and helped treat their dental abnormalities. Whether you want to treat teeth crowding, open bites, crossbites, or spacing, we can have a look and develop a treatment plan for you. 


Get in touch with us at Chase Oaks Dentistry and book an appointment for our orthodontic services in Plano, TX.