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Expert Root Canal Treatment in Plano, TX

A decayed tooth might be the culprit behind toothache and tooth sensitivity. However, a simple, painless root canal treatment can help you get rid of these oral complications.


Patients don't need to opt for painful and complicated tooth extractions. With a root canal procedure, dental practitioners can save the decaying tooth and restore its health. A root canal treatment eliminates an ongoing bacterial infection, gets rid of the inflamed pulp, and prevents abscess formation. 


Patients can choose root canal treatment over tooth extractions as it offers a more natural solution to their dental problems. Even after the inflamed pulp has been removed from the decaying tooth, the tooth continues to receive nutrients from the surrounding soft tissues. This ensures that the damaged tooth is restored effectively. 


Dental surgeons begin the root canal process by assessing the condition of the decaying tooth. Inflammation or even abscess formation can indicate pulp damage. Dental surgeons drill through the enamel, remove the inflamed pulp, and refill it with a rubber-like material. This temporary filling is then replaced with a more permanent filling, which is then topped with a dental crown.


The dental crowns cover the treated tooth and help it blend in with the rest of the healthy teeth. 

Root canal treatments are ideal for patients who,

  1. Want a practically painless treatment for their damaged tooth

  2. Don't want to remove a tooth completely

  3. Want to keep their bright smile intact

  4. Want to continue indulging in their favorite foods right after the treatment

  5. Are looking for a cost-effective dental solution     

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If you're on the lookout for a painless and straightforward root canal treatment in Plano, then Chase Oaks Dentistry can help you out!


Our dental practitioners have years of experience dealing with dental issues. Whether patients need a root canal treatment or a surgical tooth extraction, our dental surgeons can perform all kinds of dental treatments. We provide cost-effective, outpatient treatments that are feasible for our patients. 


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