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Oral Surgery Extraction in Plano, TX

Whether you’re suffering from severe tooth decay or want to prevent overcrowding in the mouth, an oral surgery extraction is the right solution for you.

Oral surgery extractions are performed to remove teeth that are irreparable and cause excruciating toothaches. Moreover, oral surgery extractions are also performed to ensure your mouth’s health during or after chemotherapy. 


Depending on the condition of our patient’s teeth, oral surgery extractions can be either of the simple extraction types or require a more invasive, surgical extraction. Simple extractions are performed when the impacted or damaged tooth is above the surface and clearly visible. However, broken or impacted teeth require a more intensive surgical procedure. 


Simple extractions require the use of an elevator and forceps to lift and loosen the damaged teeth. Patients are usually provided with local anesthetics to numb the area of tooth extraction. 

In a surgical extraction procedure, patients receive local anesthetics and even general anesthesia to keep them unconscious. This allows the dental practitioners to operate on the impacted tooth. Dentists may have to cut the tooth or even cut it around the bone to extract the damaged tooth. General anesthesia ensures that damaged teeth are removed safely and without the patient feeling any severe pain!


Our dental practitioners schedule an oral surgery extraction after reviewing the patient’s tooth X-ray and their oral conditions. 

Consult Experienced Dental Practitioners for your Oral Surgery Extraction

Oral surgery extraction can seem painful and daunting. However, at Chase Oaks Dentistry, you’re in safe hands!


Our dental practitioners have worked with hundreds of patients and have extensive experience performing successful oral surgery extractions in Plano. Moreover, our dental experts analyze patient histories, medical and dental conditions. This helps us prepare for oral surgery extractions and make the procedure as painless as possible. 


Our dental practitioners and our staff work to create a relaxing environment so that our patients may feel right at ease. Book an appointment with our certified dental practitioners and schedule your oral surgery extraction in Plano today!