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Get Relief with Wisdom Teeth Removal in Plano, TX

Are you experiencing excruciating toothaches? Your wisdom teeth might be the cause of your discomfort!


Wisdom teeth pain can even lead to headaches and prevent patients from enjoying their lives. Fortunately, wisdom tooth removal can help patients relieve their toothaches and keep dental infections at bay. 


While normally growing wisdom teeth are not a concern, abnormal or misaligned growth can lead to pain and discomfort. Patients need to get wisdom teeth removed if,

  1. There isn’t enough space on the jaw to accommodate new molars

  2. Want to prevent overcrowded back teeth

  3. Wisdom teeth are growing at an abnormal angle

  4. Wisdom teeth are impacted

  5. Wisdom teeth have broken partway in the gum and are causing inflammation


Most often, wisdom teeth are accompanied by sharp pains in soft tissue and jaws. Moreover, patients can also experience infection in their gums and develop fluid-filled sacs (cysts).  


It’s crucial that patients seek professional help for wisdom teeth removal. A certified dental practitioner will assess the oral conditions, take patient histories, and devise a solution that suits the patient’s needs. 


Dental surgeons administer local or general anesthesia to numb the area of tooth extraction. They proceed to cut soft tissue around the bone. They can also cut the molar tooth into smaller pieces to make the wisdom tooth removal process more straightforward. Dental surgeons then remove the wisdom tooth with forceps. 


Patients can experience bleeding, pain, and swelling after a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

Consult Experienced Dentists for wisdom Teeth Removal in Plano, TX

An accomplished dental surgeon has the right expertise to extract wisdom teeth effortlessly.


At Chase Oaks Dentistry, our dental practitioners have the knowledge, training, and years of experience. We work with our patients to identify the location of their wisdom teeth, how they’re impacting their dental health, and the level of discomfort they’re causing.


With dental X-rays and the correct patient history, our expert dental practitioners can get to the root of the problem and perform painless wisdom teeth removals.


Reach out to us and schedule an appointment with our dental practitioners for your wisdom teeth removal in Plano.